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Hey, I'm Jordan!


I’m a designer who’s just as comfortable talking sales psychology and pricing as I am talking color psychology and mood boards. 

Because to be honest with you, pretty designs are cute and all, but you’ll go much farther and faster if your brand reflects where you want to be five, ten years from now. Just saying.

Since 2018, I’ve helped over 130 female founders through the process of crafting a luxury brand fueled by their definition of success.

Whether your goal is to raise rates, book a higher caliber of clientele, design rave-worthy client experiences, or build a more flexible lifestyle, we’ll create a newfound confidence in your business with a brand you’re proud to stand behind.

Studying how your dream clients think so you can speak and sell to them in a way that resonates so freaking well.
Sales Psychology
Choosing brand colors based on your mission, vision, and the emotions you want your dream client to feel -- NOT just your favorite colors (no offense)
Color Psychology

ways that we can work together

Up-level your brand, website, and vision to propel you forward.

The perfect in-between: a custom brand with a semi-custom Showit website.

Design exactly what your wedding business needs in 8 hours time.

free download! free download! free download!

DIY Brand Audit for Business Owners

Struggling to keep your brand visuals consistent? It might be what’s making it harder to attract dream clients. 
Download the DIY Brand Audit for Business Owners. 

I’ll walk you through what a brand is, provide prompted questions on how to market to your dream clients, and show you exactly how to create your very own luxury brand guidelines!