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If you can dream it, then who in their right mind can stop you?

Well maybe, juuust maybe, it’s you that can stop you.

Humility has its place, don’t get me wrong, but I know a creative force when I see one — *elbow nudge* I’m talking about you, friend! 

You shouldn’t let “humility” be the reason you don’t show up with that elevated brand authority you know you’re capable of. 

I’m here to be your inner voice who says, “Hey, it’s okay to play big,” when fear and doubt and imposter syndrome say otherwise. You with me?

Let’s get to work and go for it

Uplevel your brand, website, and vision to propel you forward.

Design exactly what your business needs in 8 hours time.

The self-paced solution for breaking into the luxury wedding market.

Hey, I'm Jordan!

Showit Web Designer and business consultant rolled into one

I’m a designer who’s just as comfortable talking sales psychology and pricing as I am talking color psychology and mood boards. 

Because to be honest with you, pretty designs are cute and all, but you’ll go much farther and faster if your brand reflects where you want to be five, ten years from now. Just saying.

Since 2018, I’ve helped over 130 female founders through the process of crafting a luxury brand fueled by their definition of success.

Whether your goal is to raise rates, book a higher caliber of clientele, design rave-worthy client experiences, or build a more flexible lifestyle, we’ll create a newfound confidence in your business with a brand you’re proud to stand behind.

Studying how your dream clients think so you can speak and sell to them in a way that resonates so freaking well.
Sales Psychology
Choosing brand colors based on your mission, vision, and the emotions you want your dream client to feel -- NOT just your favorite colors (no offense)
Color Psychology

“I have been able to raise my prices resulting in more ideal clients.”

“Jordan is an extremely talented designer and listened to what I wanted in order to help bring my vision to life. I am beyond in love with the brand she created and everything about her client experience, from start to finish, is absolutely wonderful. I really felt seen and taken care of as a client. I’ve seen a big boom of inquiries from dream brides after working with Jordan! They have so much more enthusiasm and confidence in their decision when they book with me!”

“Investing in a JAI brand + website will come back to you exponentially.”

“Jordan understood that having the right brand design brings so much more into your life than just dream clients. Before my brand and website was ready to launch, Jordan gave me so much business advice and guidance that I was able to implement in to my business right away. Through her guidance and encouragement I started reaching my business and monetary goals! Working with Jordan surpassed every expectation I had! She sincerely changed my life!”

“I booked 4 brides at my higher price, and nobody second guessed it.”

“The success of your business hinges on hiring Jordan to serve your clients in a way that is truly elevated and luxurious. Hiring her benefits YOU and your clients. Her knowledge and remarkable talent gives you beautiful solutions that your clients will fall in love with. Jordan adds value, time, a luxury experience for elevated brands who seek to give their clients the best experience. I could not have dreamed of working with a more heartfelt, genuine innovator and professional designer.”

“Investing in Jordan has made us so much more money.”

“We have quality and consistent bookings with clients we've dreamed of working with, From the first consultation with her, all the way through our project end and beyond, this girl was an absolute dream to work with. She works diligently to give you a unique brand that speaks to exactly who you are! She helped us re-think how we put our packages together and elevate ourselves to a luxury brand. She even gave us ideas for things well beyond our branding and website.”

Don’t apologize for wanting MORE out of your business

After all, we took the road less traveled for more fulfillment, more money, more freedom, and of course, a lot more well-deserved champagne along the way. Go ahead! Admit what you really want out loud — it’ll do you some good 😉

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DIY Brand Audit for Luxury Wedding Pros

Struggling to keep your brand visuals consistent? It might be what’s making it harder to attract dream clients. 
Download the DIY Brand Audit for Luxury Wedding Pros. 

I’ll walk you through what a brand is, provide prompted questions on how to market to your dream clients, and show you exactly how to create your very own luxury brand guidelines!