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Jordan Chan

Behind the bubbling champagne energy, can I admit something to you?

When I started this business in 2018, I used to be scared — petrified, really — of being “too much”. I mean, I’ve always been the girl who loved being on stage and wanted everything sparkly. That was just a Tuesday afternoon for me, you know? 

But for some reason, instead of carrying that straight into my business, I second-guessed and scrapped everything out of fear that I’d step on someone else’s toes.

I became apologetic for my personality — My OWN personality?! — and shrunk into the “sweet girl” version of myself. Goodness, at the time if you had looked up “people pleaser” in the dictionary, you would've seen my dang picture! 

But you know what? Fitting into someone else’s narrative wasn’t helping me move in the direction of what I really wanted out of my business. It wasn’t until I surrounded myself with fearless women behind the brands I admire that I began to ask myself...

If they can do it, why can’t I — even if I feel scared?

Like, if I could show up in my brand with that level of confidence, as my true self, what would change? 

Well, to be honest my entire business changed. I experienced more revenue, more dream clients, more bucket-list vacations, more acupuncture appointments, and more evenings on the patio with “my boys” than I had ever dreamed would be possible.

And if you’re thinking, “well fan-freaking tastic” believe me, it’s not like everything in my business was suddenly “fixed” overnight.

Here’s what DID happen: I was finally able to define what I want a beautifully imperfect life behind this business to look like for ME and no one else.

Would you believe I still get snarky comments about my love for hot pink?

To which my response is, “Why does it matter?” Doesn’t phase me in the slightest.

When you put yourself out there, you’re bound to attract negative attention. 

You get to decide whether or not others' opinions of you will define your story. Sooo much easier said than done friend, but it’s a battle worth fighting for! 

Now my mission is giving you a sparkly permission slip to do the same. Too much? Good. That’s kinda the point.


You showed up as your unfiltered self?

You felt more courageous?

You went after those big, scary dreams anyway?

You romanticized your story instead of pined for someone else’s?

Think how much easier it would be to attract clients and create a brand that gives you a sense of peace and freedom that no corporate job ever could.

You'd be the creative force your industry needs

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for:

With two business degrees in tow, let’s just say, I know what I’m talking about. From repackaging offers to client experience, we’ll “workshop” your biz from the inside out.

Color + sales psychology, market research, and buyer types are always at the forefront of my designs. Did you think aesthetics alone would blow up your business? Nope!

Over five years of entrepreneurship has taught me that community is everything. When you’ve got meaningful wins, I’ve got a glass of champagne with your name on it!

“Jordan is the queen of customer experience, I'm in awe.”

“If you want a brand that is tailor-made to attract your dream client and say everything about your brand that it needs to in order to establish yourself as a mega-authority, Jordan is your woman. Jordan doesn't put her personal taste in the middle of brand work because she understands that a true brand is data-driven and designed uniquely for YOUR dream client. All of that just means that she can create whatever your brand needs to show up in the most epic way possible.”

“Jordan is such a dream to work with! I found an instant friend in her.”

“You can immediately tell Jordan is someone who listens to you and your heart and brings it to life! I knew I needed to define my brand + give it a voice; I’ve had all the ideas scattered in my head forever and Jordan brought it all together in such a beautiful way! She walked me through the process with such intention, asking questions I’ve never considered and really pulling out the heart of what makes my business what it is! Such a gem of a human with such a keen eye to beautiful design!”

“Don't go any farther because Jordan will bring your dreams to life!”

“Working with Jordan was a dream. From our very first phone call I knew that she was the one that I wanted to help rebrand my photography business. She’s kind, listens, and has talent beyond imagination. I knew she would provide me with the branding I wanted but what I didn’t know was how she would go above and beyond my expectations. I would choose her again and again if I had to do it all over.”

“Jordan was meticulously organized, extremely positive, and fully present.”

“Jordan was an incredible designer to work with. I feel that she brought a sense of direction, professionalism, and strong attention to detail to my project. The attention to small, artistic details have really made all the difference - it's this personal touch that I believe has truly conveyed a strong sense of professionalism and brand 'realness' that makes all the difference to perspective clients. The branding is consistent, detailed, and strongly aligns with my brand's vision of romantic heirloom photography.”

Wait, what does “Showit Design Partner” mean?

Being a Showit Design Partner means Showit has vetted me as a designer that brings a consistent high standard of excellence to my work with clients who love their results. Needless to say, when we work together, you’ll be taken care of!

Family means so much to me, and I try to spend as much time with them as I can. My husband and I are only about an hour from both of our families.
family time is one of my favorite things
I've always loved goldens, but once we brought home two of our own, I don't think I could ever love another breed this much!
must pet all of the golden retrievers

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I am a SUCKER for a good gathering. Fancy outfits, extravagant florals, delicious foods... What more could a girl ask for?
just call me the hostess with the mostest

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I could spend all day in Crate and Barrel, creating mockups of my home with decor and furniture, or staring at fabric swatches.
interior design is my passion project

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A thoughtfully crafted cocktail with fresh ingredients, just for me?
Where do I sign up??
craft cocktails are my jam

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I can't stand cooking. There, I said it! I adore a gourmet meal prepared at home by my talented husband though, does that count? Asking for a friend...
you guessed it!

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Give me any excuse imaginable, and I'll put on a soirée. Did I mention that I threw a first birthday party for my dog? Yeah, we're those people. 😉 
we celebrate everything around here

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I like to imagine I'm my best self with my booty on a lounge chair, a book (or piña colada) in hand, and salty water in my hair.
give me a warm breeze and the ocean, stat

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my boys

JAI wouldn’t be where it is today without this terrific trio 💥 

my husband, fellow disney lover, and personal chef, eric

my CFOs (Chief Furry Officers) + my golden boys, flynn and thor

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