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Since 2018, J. Ashley Innovations has worked with over a hundred small businesses to create a brand and website that tells their unique story, that has lead to raised rates, booked a higher caliber of clientele, and crushed goals in the process. It would be my honor to work together and cultivate newfound confidence in your business with a design you’re proud to stand behind.

It is my belief that your design should reflect you, whatever that design stye may be. Below you can find a curated collection of my work, in many styles, because every business is unique, and your design should show that.

"Jordan got to know me and my business to create a brand that was so unique and a website that truly embodied the message I wanted to portray. It was worth every penny. My branding has been such a vital piece of my business’ success. Since working with Jordan, I have grown more than I ever thought possible."

kind words from audrey:

unspoken designs

Audrey makes custom signage and has rentals for weddings and other events in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. As a wedding professional, Audrey relies a lot on photos from the weddings she’s involved in. Almost no wedding is the same, so the photos are often full of colors. We used colors for her that conveyed that high-end feeling, but weren’t too loud so that they went well with the photos from various wedding photographers.

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"Working with Jordan surpassed every expectation I had for what working with a designer would entail! She understood that not only were my business goals to serve my clients, but also to grow my business to a place where I could restore balance into my personal life and have a new kind of financial freedom."

kind words from haley:

haley day photography

Haley’s market research work uncovered that her ideal client is truly couples who value creativity, who want a unique experience, who want to learn about the craft and artistry behind photography, and who aren’t afraid to invest in quality vendors (that they’ll probably fall in love with) for their most special day. We took allllllll of that incredible information and wrapped it up in a bow to create the most intentional design!

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"Investing in Jordan has made us so much more money. She encouraged us to charge what we’re worth and believe in the luxury business we are today. Our average invoice totals are higher, we have quality and consistent inquiries for bookings, and our clients are now the clients we dreamed of!"

kind words from raechel + madison:

wallflower event co.

During Raechel and Madison's dream client discover, they shared that they wish to work with brides who understand that details matter, wants a wedding that shares their unique story, cares deeply about quality, and who don’t cut corners to save a penny here or there. We took this information to design a custom brand and Showit website that will speak directly to their dream brides!

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"Jordan took the time to truly infuse my personality into every design element. I couldn't have imagined something created by someone else could be so ME. Jordan gave me everything I could literally ever need! Launch went so smooth, and I got so many amazing messages."

kind words from elle:

captured by elle

Elle is a kick-ass wedding photo + video team based in Orlando, Florida. She's extra cool because she gets to work Disney Weddings, and y'all know Disney has my heart! Her goal is to provide diverse couples with a high-end, stress-free photography & videography experience, start to finish. Elle's work shines when her clients are able to be themselves in front of the camera, so we made sure to showcase that!

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"The success of your business hinges on hiring Jordan. Her knowledge and remarkable talent gives you beautiful solutions that your clients will fall in love with. Jordan adds value, time, a luxury experience for elevated brands who seek to give their clients the best experience."

kind words from sara:

sara cooley

Sara Cooley Photography specializes in elegant wedding & lifestyle photography for Versailles, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Her work has been seen in a variety of publications, including Kentucky Bride, Bridal Bliss Magazine, and The Woodford Charm. Not only did she have big goals for her business, but she wanted to use her business to truly serve, and care for, her own family.

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kind words from jenny:

gathered events

Jenny is an event planner + designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Planning an event can be stressful and it is easy to miss the why of your gathering. She wants her clients to be able to focus on their celebration with all their loved ones, and not have to stress about things like linens and florals. Her business was founded around the word "gather" so we made sure it was the focus of her design as well!

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kind words from laura + parker:

lasting impact wellness

Lasting Impact Wellness Group was founded by emergency physicians, Laura and Parker Hays, to help leaders of all types optimize their wellbeing, manage stress effectively, and live to their greatest potential. The company is both eastern and western medicine focused, so we took a semi-traditional approach to designing a health brand, but mixed it up with elements of holistic wellbeing. 

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"The first time I looked at our design a tear started coming out. Literally every time someone sees our website they ask who made it and for their info and I'm always like LET ME TELL YOU JORDAN ROCKS!!! One of our dream clients said our site is the best he's ever seen from a marketing agency!!!!!"

kind words from lily + lizzie:

double take marketing

Double Take is a full-service female creative marketing agency doing things differently. They've partnered with huge brands over the world for content and social media! As a team of Gen-Z'ers, they eat, sleep, and breathe social media, so our goal was to infuse their look with as many social media + Gen-Z references as possible (give us alllllll the emojis, iPhone mockups, TikTok searches, and more!)

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"Jordan doesn’t put her personal taste in the middle of brand work because she understands that a true brand is data-driven and designed uniquely for YOUR dream client. Every emotion, energy, and value of my brand is represented in the little intangible details. It truly makes me feel unstoppable and endlessly inspired."

kind words from lindsay:

forza collective

Lindsay is an absolute powerhouse of a business owner who uses market research to change the paradigm of online business to truly be a client-centered thing. We took her crystal clear vision and turned it into a bold design that gets you excited and fired up, that brings her dream clients straight to her DMs so she could run a multi-million dollar company that allows her to work on other businesses and passion projects.

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kind words from maggie:

maggie schmidtke

Maggie is a home renovations consultant bridging the gap between home owners and contractors. She found a unique niche for those who didn't quite need an interior designer, but still had a vision for turning their "for now" home into their "forever home" with projects that were larger than they could take on themselves. Her brand is filled with her warmth and design elements that nod to renovations!

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"Jordan will hands down be the best investment you will ever make in your business. She truly understood every piece of what I wanted her to see for our project. Not only am I so happy with my final brand design, I feel encouraged, empowered, and motivated as a creative business owner."

kind words from caroline:

caroline bryant co.

Caroline is a photographer turned virtual assistant/online business manager for creatives who are growing the education branch of their business. She has a passion for helping momtrepreneurs grow their creative business alongside their families. Caroline is truly the missing puzzle piece to your business, and her heart belongs in the lowcountry of South Carolina, so we incorporated these elements in her design! 

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"Jordan is very professional, efficient, positive, and overachieved during our project. We vibed really well and I loooooove what we created, it's like my baby. I love the warmth, comfort, and all the things it makes me feel when I look at it. It’s how I want my patients/clients to feel and made me remember why I started."

kind words from ally:

belle therapy + wellness

Ally is an orthopelvic physical therapist based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her passion for revolutionizing women’s healthcare came through in everything she sent me. She wanted to take a modern, boutique approach to treating her patients, and this new look for her business does just that. We nailed her decisions on the first go-round and didn't need any revisions! Talk about a dream project.

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