It’s your turn to book more dream clients, become an industry leader, and show up with the confidence you’ve always dreamed of.

Custom Showit website design and branding for luxury wedding businesses

You’re a wedding professional who’s really freaking good at what you do, and...

Your couples absolutely love you... but there’s a disconnect between who they work with and what they see online.

You’re so fun and full of personality in person, but your website and brand just feel a little... blah. You wish your site reflected who you truly are.

You’re a little jealous scrolling through Instagram seeing others in your industry landing their dream clients...but you can’t figure out why you’re not.

Instead, your clients don’t trust your vision, and couples who inquire want way more for way less money.

You want to give people that “oh my gosh, I need to hire them for my wedding!” feeling as they scroll through your site...but you’re embarrassed to send anyone the link.

You know you’re talented, but your brand and website don’t reflect that at all. You’re hoping couples will find you through Instagram and not judge your website too hard when inquiring.


You deserve a brand and website that has your dream clients falling in love with you long before hitting the “inquire” button.


Being known as the luxury wedding provider in your industry

You provide a high-level client experience, and your brand’s visual presence should match! Eye-catching, strategic design shows your ideal clients that you’re a wedding professional worth splurging for.

More dream clients who trust your vision, make you more money, and refer you to their friends

When your website conveys your value and shows you can solve their problems like no one else can, you create that instant trust-factor before they even reach out.

A brand beyond what’s trending right now

Because honestly, your brand should look good for more than a season! You deserve a jaw-dropping brand backed with research and strategy– because that’s what will make it last.

full Custom Brand and Web Design

Truth: your clients have a million tabs open on their laptop, searching through Google or Instagram for their dream wedding vendors. You know you’re the best in your industry, but your brand and website don’t show off just how talented you are. 

Enter: branding. With an elevated brand and website, you’ll bring in more dream clients, land them with ease, and have them gushing about you to their newly-engaged friends over and over again (hello, referrals!).

And because I understand the luxury client experience, I’ll handle every little detail for you. Because let’s be real, you have weddings to attend to!

Your experience includes:

The Signature Experience

Investment details for fully custom brand and website design:


You know you were curious, right?

Your website should bring in more clients you’re dreaming of working with. Of course, we have to start with expert-level research to understand your dream clients inside and out! After a few questionnaires and an online market research course custom-created for our clients, you’ll have a solid foundation built to last. You’ll either write your own copy or hire a copywriter (don’t worry, I have recommendations!).

phase one

Now the fun begins! Your brand designs are all based on the strategy we built in phase one. During our Brand Clarity call, we’ll discuss your custom mood board and logo ideas. Once they’re ready, you’ll get a few design directions with a couple of mini brand looks. You’ll choose your favorite, and I’ll flesh it out to perfection!

phase two

You provide a luxury client experience, and your website should be an extension of that. We’ll map out a website user-experience rooted in buyer psychology so dream clients feel inspired from the homepage all the way to your contact form.

phase three

Because your brand should go beyond the pretty, I’m also available to brainstorm ways to elevate your client experience. Sales call scripts, on-brand gift ideas, onboarding emails — nothing is off limits!

phase four

Pop the champagne and prep yourself for alllll the loving comments on social media– because there will be plenty! I’ll always be available for a la carte support as your brand grows. But for now, count on me to cheer you on in business and in life!

phase five

Need an elevated brand, stat?

You’ve put your business on the back burner for far too long, and you need a brand makeover ASAP. Your thrown-together website and brand just aren’t winning over clients like they used to. 

Your solution? A custom brand and a website template restyle! You’ll get the same incredible experience I’m known for, but with a smaller investment, a semi-custom website, and a shorter timeline.

Your experience includes:

Custom Brand and Website Template Restyle

Investment details for full branding and website template customization:


“Working with Jordan has been an absolute joy and transformative experience for my photography business. She has a rare gift for translating ideas into a visual language that feels like home.

She not only brought my vision to life but also created a virtual home that perfectly aligns with my photography style and business values.

Jordan's ability to turn concepts into a visual masterpiece goes beyond technical expertise; it's a true art form. If you're seeking a designer who understands your vision and crafts a brand that feels intimate and inviting, look no further. Jordan is not just a designer; she is an artist who elevates your brand to new heights.”

“A designer so good I've chosen to work with her not once, not twice, but THREE times!”

emily veinberg

"Your business’ success hinges on hiring Jordan to overhaul your brand to serve your clients in a way that is truly elevated and luxurious. She is your professional designer, cheerleader and dreamer for your brand giving you honest solutions that not only look remarkable but make a positive impact. She has a strategic plan that is curated to your needs to build your brand identity and serve your clients in a way that is so much more elevated & beautiful & easier than doing it on your own. 

Hire her and you will fall in love with the complete experience. She is a business woman who LOVES her clients and her professionalism is unmatched. Invest in Jordan & you will not regret it!"

“Investing in her services will be the best investment you can ever make for your brand!”

sara cooley

"My new website & branding makes me feel a million times more confident to conquer my sky-high goals. I thought I loved my business before- now I'm obsessed. I can't wait to show up with more authority, energy, and boldness and grow my business. I walked away with incredible professional looking visuals and web experience.

High-powered CEOs and dream clients who have gotten sneak peeks and glimpses of the new branding have nothing but amazing things to say and are so beyond impressed."

“The confidence + vision I've gained for my business is worth the investment alone!”

lindsay sacco

the reviews speak for themselves

You’ve scrolled this far, so you must have some questions:

Why do you include more than just brand or web design in your packages?

Of course, you’re investing in your brand and website, but you’re also investing in your business. Design isn’t just about the “pretty”- it’s also about what’s going to attract your dream clients and support your big business goals. I give you as much as I can so you can be successful!

Do you have a specific design style?

For the last 6+ years, I’ve designed brands with everything from timeless fine art, to bold gen-z designs, and everything in between. You don’t need to come to me with a specific style, logo, or color palette in mind. My job is to handle all of that for you!

Do you offer custom packages?

You bet! Reach out and we’ll create a package that perfectly suits you and your business!

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! When we first meet and chat details of your project, we’ll talk specifics to create a payment plan that works best for you.

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Book your VIP Intensive Design Day

As a wedding professional with a jam-packed schedule, you need eye-catching design quickly– without adding more to your day! Whether you’re dreaming of a mini brand, website template customization, or you've got another idea in mind, you’ll get 8 hours of my uninterrupted time to design just for you.

You were made for this— for more

You'll walk away with a fully custom Showit website and brand that draws in dreamier, higher-paying clients...

a sophisticated look and experience for every single touch point of your incredible business...

and a whole new outlook on your business, giving you more confidence to reach for your wildest dreams.

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