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I believe in quality > quantity which is why I only take a certain number of brand + web projects per year. Fill out the inquiry form below so we can start the process and get you on my calendar. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. 

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frequently asked questions

When is the best time to invest in brand and custom Showit web design?

The last thing I want you to do is invest in custom design too early, only for you to completely overhaul it a year or two later. Being at least 3+ years in your business with clear packages is a good sign that the work we do together will last you a long time.

What’s the difference between Custom Showit Web Design and a VIP Day?

Think of a VIP Day as a quick brand refresh. It’s best for early-stage wedding pros and creatives who need something professional and fairly quickly, like a mini brand or template customization.

On the other hand, the JAI Signature Experience offers custom Showit web design and is much more comprehensive and tailored to fit your brand. Still not sure? Let’s talk it out!

Will you write the words on my new website for me?

Nope! I only focus on all things web design. You’re in charge of giving me the photography and words to go on your site.

I have a handful of copywriters I recommend and love depending on your style. And in case you’re curious — Kathy from Rekindle Communications is my fave copywriter that I’m always going back to!

Do you have payment plans?

Short answer, yes! Once we hop on a call to talk about the details of your project, that’s when we can talk alllll specifics so we create a payment plan that works best for you.

Ever wondered what it takes to break into the luxury wedding market?

Enter: Luxury Business Design. LBD is a self-paced solution to learn the foundations of how to attract ideal clients, create rave-worthy experiences, and put yourself at the forefront of your industry. Plus, every girl needs an LBD — clever, right?

free download! free download! free download!

DIY Brand Audit for Luxury Wedding Pros

Struggling to keep your brand visuals consistent? It might be what’s making it harder to attract dream clients. 
Download the DIY Brand Audit for Luxury Wedding Pros. 

I’ll walk you through what a brand is, provide prompted questions on how to market to your dream clients, and show you exactly how to create your very own luxury brand guidelines!