Custom Brand and Website Design for Emily Veinberg Photography

Emily was my first ever fully custom brand and web design client at the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic. She was a relatively new nurse, and boy oh boy if only she knew then what her field would look like in a few short months. Even pre-pandemic, she was looking to become a full time photographer and step away from nursing (at least for a little while), so she needed to reach her dream couples to make up for her nursing income. As soon as we hopped off our first phone call, I knew she was going to be a friend long after our project wrapped!

Here we are, over 4 years later (as of summer 2024), and we’ve worked together another two times since then. Emily’s business grew so much after our first project, that she needed to come back for website edits to add new services, new pricing, and adjust the branding slightly. We went from light and airy photographer to a little more moody with that transition, and introduced one darker color to an otherwise light pastel color palette.

Now? Emily is a photojournalistic wedding and motherhood photographer with the most beautiful editing full of warm tones and deep colors, so this go-round we had to rebuild EVP from the ground up!

We started with the color palette and leaned away from the pastels, into richer colors with more depth to compliment her editing. Green became her core color (with 3 variations in her palette) and I am so here for it!

We leaned away from her former delicate, floral-inspired brand, and into an editorial, stylish vibe featuring a display typeface that makes me drool (seriously 🤤). I designed a sparkle element as well as interlocking initials to be used to carry her brand throughout anything she could imagine without having to slap her full logo on it.

I took elements from the above designs to flesh out the rest of the design, giving her a well-rounded and useful set of brand elements that would help EVP continue to grow now that she has stepped away from her nursing career and is a full time wedding and motherhood photographer. I always include monograms for my clients so they have a design for their favicon, watermark, etc. and interlocking initials are so chic!

These graphics appear in some alternate logo designs, as well as on her website, business cards, and packaging. I wanted to use the sparkle more, so I created a pattern out of the graphic and it is PERFECT for tissue paper in Emily’s client gift boxes.

Once we got all the branding nailed down, I essentially started from scratch and designed a custom Showit website. It’s absolutely stunning and so perfectly Emily. They hired my go-to copywriter, Kathy, to write conversion copy, and did a brand shoot (with Emily) so their website turned out absolutely incredible. We worked together at the beginning of 2022 and it’s still one of my favorites I’ve done!

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