Custom Brand and Website Design for Wallflower Event Company

Raechel and Madison came to JAI looking for a way to elevate their Charlotte, NC event design and floral business so they could match the level of immaculate weddings they wanted to book. We did a deeeeeep dive into who they are, who their dream clients are, what they want, and how Wallflower Event Co. fills that need.

During their dream client discovery, they shared that they wish to work with brides who understand that details matter, wants a wedding that shares their unique story, cares deeply about quality, and who don’t cut corners to save a penny here or there. They bring inspiration images to the table, but ultimately hand over the design and logistics to Raechel and Madison.

I took this information to design a brand that will speak directly to their dream brides! The color palette truly brings to life feelings of creativity, trustworthiness and elegance! In their design, I focused on the bespoke nature of their work to help them stand out from other event designers + florist, while also ensuring it was warm and welcoming.

I chose to use jasmine flowers in their designs because jasmine symbolize love, and are widely representative of weddings. This offers a nice nod to the the wedding industry without being super obvious, in order to make sure we didn’t prevent corporate or other party clients from booking Wallflower! It’s also symbolic of hospitality, which of course, is perfect for an event company.

In the primary logo, the climbing jasmine interacts wonderfully with the way the verbiage is structured to create a true marriage of elegant detail and lively fonts. It’s perfect for attracting couples who value attention to detail and whimsical designs.

I always include monograms for my clients so they have a design for their favicon, watermark, etc. and interlocking initials are timeless!

I designed a floral compote and bud vases, referencing some of the inventory they have for their couples to choose from. These graphics appear in some alternate logo designs, as well as on their website, business cards, and investment guide. They’re the perfect branded element to put the Wallflower “stamp” on anything that they don’t necessarily want to add their logo to!

There were some jasmine elements that I hadn’t incorporated into their design yet, so I used them to create a pattern. I created the pattern in each color of the Wallflower color palette so that they would have something to use in any possible situation. The perfect example is the business cards we designed, where Madison and Raechel had different colors that tied to their personalities.

Once we got all the branding nailed down, I designed a custom Showit website that would help them attract their dream couples! They hired my go-to copywriter, Kathy, to write conversion copy, and did a brand shoot (with Emily) so their website turned out absolutely incredible. We worked together at the beginning of 2022 and it’s still one of my favorites I’ve done!

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